Monday, May 11, 2009


Hey Guys,

Thank you for all the effort in updating this blog!
As some of you had started to post entry in this blog, I would like to suggest that it might be better if we could label the entry so that in the near future, it will be easier for us in searching the entries according to their categories...

Labels that had been used are "Birthday", "Farewell", "Gathering", "News", "Personal details", "pictures", "SF-Karyee", "Trips", "Share"

"Birthday" - Things that related to Birthday

"Gathering" - Any gathering updates

"Personal details" - To update your contact details etc but not recommended to use.

"News" - Updates about things that related to SF blog and SF group in facebook.

"pictures" - Random pictures that you want to share (not only about SF members pictures but also other random ones)

"Trips" - Proposal of upcoming trips or entry about the outcome of the trips

"Share" - Sharing your feelings, your thoughts and opinion (?)

It is also highly recommended that you could label your post as "SF-(your name)"
[eg; SF-Karyee] as an indication of the entry was posted by you (especially for those who uses other member account to post entry ^^

Please take a note that you can always use more than one label.

For instance,
SF-Karyee, pictures, Share

Hope to see more entry posted and once again, thank you for spending your time for this blog either in leaving entry or messages in the chat box and comment box

Cheers! ^^

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