Friday, May 8, 2009


uhm, the post below mine belongs to po yee huh? Anyway, weak English doesn't matter. Because, Jason the Saviour is here to save the world from the unfavourable phenomenon ! RM 30,000 intensive English course which will grant each and every of you a standard above Band 6 in Muet !

By the way, currently I have no idea what to post here. Pohyee, as for ur feelings, register with another blog so that you can have your unlimited and infinity privacy there my friend. Ok, I hope that i'll post something better next time. This post is just too lame, dont mind yeah. Adios ~


  1. lol jason, u shouldn't label this as "News" la... haha... Well, glad that someone had started to post random stuff in ths blog.(even though its a bit lame la.. but hey, that's you! =P) GOOD JOB! and you are right, Poh Yee should create her own account...

    PS RM30,000 intensive class frm you? you want to get scolded ah... haha...

  2. uhm, what label shud I use then? others don't sound so right either. create another label la, name it "rojak" post or any other suitable name. 30000, considered cheap lor, hohoho

  3. Woooow 30k lolzz that person who signed up has no difference from being robbed by u:P

  4. don't brand me the word "robbed" lerr, think from another perspective, it's a cool investment isn't it? lol

  5. Jason, you could create your own label as well... "rojak" sounds a good one for random post like yours... haha... but please add SF-Jason label as well... ^^