Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friends forever ;>

Hihi everyone... Since my English and computer skill are very weak and I admit that i am a very vary lazy gal and i am very sorry about that... But anywhere i never forget this blog and our friendship... anywhere although it was very hard for me while i writing this blog, cause chuan which was beside me, stopping me to continue writing, becuase he keep on saying that this is not the place for me to write out my feeling... but i still dont give up and continue, just because this is what i felt about our sincere friends..... kar very thanks for keep updating this blog, put efort on it, and i think that our frienship will last forever, and dont easyly break.....

Muakz kar kar...... And jia hope u can adapt youself to new mannners and customs in NewZheland... Jia you k :> and i hope everything will be find..... really.....

Writted by Poh Yee


  1. GOOD JOB BO!!!

    This blog is meant to be for SF memebers to post their own entry no matter base on SF related things or your own personaly feelings =) The entry is under your name so it's all yours ^^

    And you are right, Sincere Friends is the place where you can share your feelings of happiness, sadness, worries etc together...
    We go through all these with the help of friends that encourage us not to give up when we are down, keep us hpyer when we were together and also stay in touch with each other through messages so that our freindship will not fade ^^
    Keep this up as it might be able to improve your english and computer skills ^^

  2. Oh Bo!! To be able to face ur weakness is something not much people can do and u shud be proud of it :D and Ur feelings equals to what we care and what happens to you equals to what we wanted to know... Soooo sound out to us :D No one is perfect^^~ To be able to care is happier than being cared of :)

  3. chuan... u r wrong loh here... din let poh yee 2 write her feeling out.. this is the place tat she can write her feeling out.. i don think that the sincere frend member mind about it ba... :p