Wednesday, November 5, 2008

chuan's birthday party... (surprise...)

Well... planned last minute... but then its SUCCESS!! hahahaa... chuan tot poh yee will pakat with others 2 celebrate his birthday in a restaurant.!! in fact, every1 of us went 2 his house!! he surprised!!! yeah yeah~~ SUCCESS PLAN~~

well.. here are some of the pics.. will upload more next time...

waiting 4 chuan~~

the look of him cing us in his room... (laughing non stop)

tat's bcs he thought was his cousin playing in his room.. he even wanted 2 scare us but we switch the light off.. so when he open the door and wanted 2 scare us tat time.. he scared himself bcs he saw some gals inside(light is switch off) n he say SORI and close the door back!! all of us was like..'har??' then poh yee open the door~~ n birthday song was sang... he was laughing there yet surprising 4 him~~

while preparing all the steamboat's food...

having steamboat~~

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