Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sincere Friends Gathering Night

It was great that most of us are able to make it on the 28th of November. Even though this event was a small gathering among Sincere Friends but it was a memorable memory for all of us as we get to gather around and chat about our past. (I hope)

Leaving high school and going to different college or uni might fade the friendship we used to have therefore let's meet up often and contact each other more often so that our friendship will never end because in our friendship commas exists but not full stop.

People might think that it is useless to have this gathering and tried not to involve but let me say that you will regret because it is fun and when you need someone to talk to or someone to hold to, Sincere Friends are always there for you.

So let's begin with some pictures to describe the atmosphere of that day.

The food and drinks.

In order to be environmental people, never throw your plastic/paper cup away. Use the same one therefore every cup have our name =P

I wonder why mabel is always the special one =P Mabel!!!! Come back!!! Poor Crystal... Suddenly became a bull =D

The couple....

Ready for food...

Sincere Friends cake. Why we need it? Because it was a sign of friendship anniversary.
PS: Thanks Secret Recipe lady who helped us with squeezing all our members name in the tiramisu cake.

After 2-3 snap, we finally get a "normal" picture without someone burst out laughing =P
hmmm.... I wonder who????

What did you guys wrote on that paper???? Let's see...
1) I want to get a hot girl/boy friend in thsi 5 years?
2) I want to be rich in 5 years time?
3) I used to hate XXX in Sincere Friends group?
4) I used to love XXX in Sincere Friends group?
5) I hope when I confess my love today you are still single and not married? =P
6) 我希望我可以永远和你在一起?
7) 我以前,现在和未来都是最cool的? =P
ok la... I can't think anymore... Let's wait 5 years and see what they wrote... 5 years seems to be long... Can we make it next years or the year after???? =P

LOL... we look like it was our graduation day...

Introduction of SF and new comers

Will upload more video soon.... I don't think the quality was good so bare with it. More pictures and videos are posted on facebook so GO SIGN UP FOR AN ACCOUNT for those who does not have facebook =P

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