Thursday, October 2, 2008

December 2007

23rd December 2007 (Jasmine's X'mas party)

WOW!!! hug hug~~~ I WANT!!!!
So sweet~~~ =0
Everybody!!!! Shake your body (just being random =P)
24th December (Karyee's X'mas party)
lovely girls~~~
Our sweet couples
Jin, Chai Ling, Lai, Jia, Mabel
Our favourite Mr Clown - Chuan and Yean ^^
Say Cheese!!!!
Cheers!!! (the whole bottle?)
fireworks for the day
8 girls and 1 boy??? Lucky guy =P
29 December (Poh Yee's house warming)

wu~~~ you lose!!!drink drink!!!!
Who poke me???? Why poke me??? lol >.<
Bother and sister
Drunk or asleep?
Mines stronger!!!!
The girls!!!!
After all this, have you ever wonder who set the X'mas tree for Karyee's X'mas party???
21st of December
Here goes the video ^^

31st December (countdown)


  1. We do have lots of gathering held on december don't we??? haiz... this year might not be the same since everyone will be busy... Really wish that we could celebrate x'mas together again LOL!!!
    Cheers everyone!

  2. Yeah sure looking forward to gatheringz:D!!! But seriously degree life is much worst than a levels i think got 2x~_~