Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sticker photos

Suprise!!! haha...

Is it alright for me to post an entry?

This entry is going to be about sticker photos!!!!

Guys always ask why girls like to take sticker pictures...
The answer is so obvious...
It is convenient and you looked better in the pictures =P

Every pictures is just like a memorable memories...

Squeezing more than 5 people in a smal box is so warm as joy and happiness are truely form unconciously...

Pictures are taken and selected because they are special and unique to individuals...

Therefore don't you ever lost the sticker photos that we used to take together!!!!

Cheers everyone!!!!


Make sure you leave a comment when you read entries in this blog!!! (at least said "I'm here!")

This blog is meant to keep memorable memories together!!!

It meant to be letting all beloved friends to share their memories!!!

So let's make this blog active with lots of comments and lame joke...



  1. Yeah was wondering about the sticker photo thing maybe its a girl thing LOL ANyways nice picts!!!!

  2. of course its alrite 4 u 2 drop an entry~~ go 4 it... its a memorable things 4 all of us..!!

  3. muahahahaha... u know what? I think I know who is the anonymous person... haha...
    Anyway!!! WE HAVE LOTS OF MEMORIES of sticker photos... haha...

  4. Hehe Thanks Guat Fun!!!! eh Is my Identity that obvious LOL..... Yeah looks like you gals have heaps of memories together.... anyways thanks for sharing the memories!!!!

  5. hahahaha... why did you put anonymous??? you should put your name la!!! =P
    No one minds =)

  6. we paid a lot to the sticker photos' company...

  7. Hihi, i dont have 4C class pic, now i got it. Thanks kar yee !!! really very memorable thing for all of us !!! The sticker pic u took with me i still keeping!! yeah !!! =) haha blek =p ok lah,ciao ~~take care