Sunday, September 21, 2008

Penang Trip...

Penang Trip is on 2,3 and 4 of october!!!

Ppl who is going are:

Poh yee
Fei Yong
Guat Fun
Jia Wen
Wei Jin
Lai Fong
Chong Chuan
Thai Lin
Yee Tat
Wai Choong
Weng Seng
Ming Teck

The time of departure is not sure yet~~

well... Tat's all~~


  1. I WANT TO GO!!!! =(

    eh, by the way, how many ppl know about this blog? It seems like I am the only one been checking for any new updates lol...

  2. well..actually i donno also... cos hor.. they view but nv leave comment alsoo... no 1 been active also...

  3. haha... then I'll be the only one... its so weird... hehe...

  4. LoLz!!! welll actually i viewed it once previously when kar put the link on at msn... Btw i juz realise we seldom take pictures.... Sad we shall take more :D