Thursday, September 10, 2009

My btday party :D ~ Lai Yi

HI guys and girlss im gonna get my keys and locks too apparently on the 19th of sept N guess what u guys n girls are invited :D Although the date is not confirmed yet but it would be aroud that 2 days ^^~
Venue: My home :D
Time: Evening
Date: 20th of sept 09 sunday
Reply: by phone or msn pls:D
I'll really appreciate it if u people could give me some answer not as late as that day itself :D Or preferrably earlier ^^~To my dearies that are going off on the 14th have a nice and safe journey and ill miss u even ur there :) I really hope that the remains can join us that night :D


  1. Hi, Kar Wei here. I think I most probably will come if you make it on Sunday.

  2. Oh yes i made it on sunday:D thanks for telling me