Sunday, September 13, 2009

Farewell our dear friends

Guat Fun, Mabel, Poh Yee and Fei Yong

Hope you enjoy this!

Love, your dearest friends.

PS: don't cry and sorry for the bad quality... that's the best I can do and will try to upload the video for you =)



  1. hey CY here.
    haha the video quite touching with the song and the images :D
    Farewell to four of u ~ Despite different country, hope you girls take the chance and come back once in awhile to meet up ya
    Best of luck , study well, Girls ~

  2. To start with some msg that i shud put in the video if im to make one.... Really i think humans dont treasure anything till they lost it... Though i didnt see u people often, especially in a year maybe once or twice or slightly more. I bet we dont feel anything, but till now its like everyone's out and left with few of us i felt it sooo strongly... The feelin when ur high school buddies arent here at msia near to you when u really hope for them to be there.........

    Friends to everyone is devided into few categeories i reckon, friends for season, friends for a reason and friends for life. I bet we gone thru the first two categeory to the last which is friends for life....

    Something i'm really sure of is that we will never forget each other as undoubtfully u people were the longest friend i've had before till today itself... Never had friends broke our record on how long we've known each other... Gone thru happy and sad moments together and still we stayed as friends^^~

    OMG the one that Lai Fong makes with kiss the rain!! Luckily u didnt put that song for the whole video or i might juz wet the whole table :(

    Was about to cry from the beginning and when it reaches Kar's post i was like smiling and laughing good job kar :D u n your sis's combo is so gorgeoussss...

  3. WC here
    say what leh emm let me think think ah cos me aledi say anything what i want to say in video still need write commet got a bit hard geh leh haha jk emm takecare, study well and when u all free on9 chat or skype talk also can keep in touch mah
    right haha

  4. To my beloved Fei Yong, Guat Fun, Poh Yee and Mabel,

    Kar Wei here. Time passes very fast. You gals are going to oversea just in a glance. Must tell us once all of you reach there ya~ Suddenly feel very very very very very em se dak all of you even though we are not see each other so often. You gals must miss all of us who are staying in Malaysia oh~ Dun ditch us.... XD Anyway, health is always the best property which belongs to us. Must take care each other at there ya~ and study hard!
    Keep in touch~ ^^

    Kar Wei

  5. Its really touch..
    The only thing tat I can say is sorry, coz I cant attend de farewell and record the video.. Im bz for preparing my final sad..>.<
    Wanna to u guys..I MISS U ALL..
    Post lot of nice nice on de facebook..
    Be strong and dun cry, must enjoy another college life there..^^
    We go sing k when u guys back okay..
    Study hard and all the best..
    keep in touch ya..

  6. Hey ji mui! This is the best video I can make for you at the moment. Sorry for the bad quality! Will upload the video itself sometimes later for you guys. Hope you guys were suprise and for the one who wasn't (poh yee) please pretend you are) =P

    I guess you might saw this when you had arrive UK. Don't cry oh.. don't miss us so much oh (though we only meet few times a year that doesn't really bring much difference) BUT whenever I thought that you guys were not there when I am back, felt a bit lonely...

    The first person whom I usually will contact is fun fun and now that you are not there I guess I do need sometime to get used to it when I am back.

    I had lot's of msgs wanted to tell you girls personally but my stupid sister keep cutting my talk hump!

    Wanted to wish you guys had a safe flight
    Take care and stay healthy
    If staying alone, or girls satying alone, remember to switch off the gas after cooking.
    Remember to pay your BILLS! that always come in handy =P
    keep each other company when you guys are out alone at night or even evening!
    Last but not least enjoy your life there BUT also as what Chuan said, think before act. It's very important not to let your feelings control you.

    Hope I am not the longest comment here...
    Anything skype with me (everyone been saying skype LOL) ps I use msn more so nudge me and ask me to on skype. =)

    For those who had started missing KL, Always think 10 months only, It's just a holiday... that wil make you felt better!!!

    Love you guys heaps!

  7. remember to recommend me some odd jobs over there, avoir ~

  8. Hey all,

    I shall make this simple and short

    Good luck, take care and have a great time there!

    Dominic :)

  9. Dominic, mine is shorter la.... wahahaaa ~

  10. hey u all!!! so thank u for the post!!!!!!!

    n also very thanks 4 the present..!!! so lovely of u all..!!! i'm so touch!!! m so happy 2 have frends like u lahh!!! was really glad 2 know u all...!!

    o ya..of course... we arrived safely here..!!

    really so touch n thanks uu!!!!! so good and kind of u all..!!!! so happy 2 have u all as my frends..!!! come...!! give u all a flying kisss~~~ faster come near me..... hahah....

  11. hihi all my belover friends, thanks so much for all your hard work... It is very great to have a friends like u guys... it was really really touch... hope our frindship can last forever... hehe cant wait untill a day to see u guys become a grandma and grandma having fun together... hohoho

  12. dear friends....we are safely here!! =)

    thanks a lot to all of you make the video,comment,and pasent ya...hahha....the video very touch er...tell you a secret, poh yee and guat fun ganna to cry inside the MC restoran le...hhehe..shhhh...!!

    hey guys...we will miss you so much..keep in touch ya^^

  13. Guat Fun, Poh Yee or Fei Yong opened up this blog when we were celebrating Guat Fun's 'Home-Cooked DIshes' 21st birthday at her house just now... watch this video again and deepen my feeling of missing you all... really miss the time when we hang out and gathered... time passes and all of us will be home soon... so, hope to see you all soon^^ WC: i promise i will try not to FFK you ok?? haha=) have a nice day... gonna rush for my assignments.. Tonnes of them>.< take care and keep in touch^^