Thursday, March 5, 2009

For Jia Jia


  1. jia jia,have a safe flight to new zealand!i'm glad that you are able to make it and all the best in your studies.if there's anything that needed help let us know!we are always there for you!at least i am.haha...go online,msn!and open a facebook account!if not we'll lost contact!remember to send me your new zealand number!will always miss you lots!

    Karyee xoxo

  2. Jia Jia~ If u face any obstacles or hardship do find us!! Will be there for you as long as we could!!! And do enjoy yourself there lolz freedom is unlimited:D and in the same time study smart^^~

  3. Hey Jia Wen, all the best in your studies at New Zealand!

  4. Hi Jia Wen, so long never chat already hahaha, all the best as you go to New Zealand to study. Life will become more different, but dont worry kk? you have great friends who will support you throughout. So yeah, all the best, have fun... :D

    hope to keep in touch :)

  5. heloo Jia Wen ~ I'm Chin Yew ah
    aiya l heard this news u leaving make me shock, also haven meet u yet.
    Wish u all the best, study smart and good 4 health ;D
    Frendship 4ver never sink! :D

  6. y0Z! Jiawen! Junhao here~ heard that you are going new zealand study hor...good luck and all the best ya , take care =)

  7. Hey Jia Jia, heard frm karyee tt u are going nz. wish u all the best and good luck in your studies.

    Love carmen

  8. Hi jia wen,mingteck here.i wish u have a safe flight to new zealand. remember find me at msn o,dun forgot me ^^.wish u all the best and take care.

  9. all the best and good luck~

  10. ++.. good luck on ur studies in new zealand.. if u cant sleep at there.. u open window and count those sleep.. i guarantee u 100% can sleep after that.. =D..
    and i help guat fun wish u good luck too.. ;)

  11. opps.. sorry.. is sheep**

  12. 一路顺风...要考到好成绩也要好好照顾自己哦...

    kar yee 妈妈

  13. Emm dont know say what just copy from ppl haha Have a safe flight to new zealand. Takecare. Wish u all the best in your study. Reach there ledi if can try to keep playing badminton cos u skill really improve a lot hope when u come back here u can play with us with same standard

  14. If can try to keep playing badminton cos u skill really improve a lot hope when u come back here u can play with us with same standard this comment is me write 1 forget type name sori

    Wai Choong

  15. Dear 'WEN'

    wah.. look like every one is
    busy + ing wish you good luck and all the best wo... what can i say le... em... wish you can finish ur study early lo...cause i need badminton player here. "WEN" badminton no u no fun la =P... any way wish u all the best at new PLACE, and healty healty there^^


  16. NZ, sooo far, gudbye ~

  17. Hey, all the best in ur studies at NZ... N hav a safe flight... Take care :)

  18. halo...wan fly to new zealand edi wo...
    happy???wish u all the best n enjoy ur studies there...
    c ya...

    yiee hern=>

  19. Hihi... Jia Jia~
    Kar Wei here.
    Must take care when you are in New Zealand oh~
    I will miss you always~
    so... You mist miss me too ya!!! *^^*
    Must study hard oh~
    Lol... maybe you can find a boy friend at there, have an ang mo boy friend. ^^
    Wish you happy always when you are there oh.
    Bye bye...sob sob...
    Take care.

  20. HI Jiajia a, actually dont noe what to say cause too many thing to say, haha anyways Good luck o. And must take care ya at there. Hehe.... Feel free must go msn o and dont put away^^ so that still can keep contact, haiz so regret last time always find ur bro no find u ==.You come back liao must go find u more;P Haha.....
    K la, all the best to you!!
    Keep in touch o.XD

  21. Hey... sorry Jia.. im late to post comment(working) ill miss u my gal.. whn u at Nz u must take care ya... i feel kinda regret coz tat date i dint go.. cant eat wit u n cant meet u for last time... >.<
    by the way.. u r alone at nz without parent, so u better take good care of urself n EnJoy lifestyle at outside.. enjoy the freedom.. pluz if next time i c u... maybe u bring a nz bf back.. haha.. good luck la.. n dont forget me o..
    P.S. u better go sign in msn or facebook lar... if not vry susah to cari u...
    Miss ya.. MUackzzz (charlie yap)

  22. Hello, jia...sorry for late .
    I dont hv chance to online since this morning..til now only got chance..i try to use my handphone on9, type finish the msg but dont know got to click the " Publish Your Comment" thing...=p
    Hrm, yesterday still can see u but now have to wait long time only can see u jor..Take care ya when u go there, i hear ppl say there very sien 1..but no problem for u, since u like reading "book"..haha, all the best in there. Good luck =)


  23. jia!! sori 4 the late wishes.. i guess u r there de now... how's everything?? should be fine 4 u ba~~
    o ya.. gambateh ya in ur studiess!!! all the best 2 uu!!
    keep contact ya..!!!

  24. jia wen !!!

    REMEMBER TO COME ONLINE U KNOW!!! heheheh dun be lazy....come online !! hows NZ ??? cold ??? we're in aus not very far oni heheh come visit us !! me and ky!! it's ok.... u'll be back soon dun be sad =) have fun studying.... sorry i took so long to leave u a message, because i couldnt find the "leave comment" button hehehe

    remember to miss me ar jia wen !! =)

    tata - yyy