Friday, March 27, 2009

First entry!!!???

Weird to say this but I just invited myself to be an author for this blog >.< GUAT FUN!!! YOU FORGOTTEN to invite ME!!!

Anyway, few things to share with my great friends...

  1. I miss all of you a lot!!! Anyone miss me??? =(
  2. Been very busy with Uni assignment but decided to drop by and leave an entry in this blog SO THAT it's not dead =X
  3. Special thanks to Yee Yean who tells me we can actually have tons of author for a blog but hope you'll be an active author soon (ps: you haven't even accepted the invitation)
  4. I wanted to find someone to talk about my current situation... a little confuse... anyone going to online later???
  5. I had sent msg through facebook regarding being part of the author... If you haven't sign up for facebook account, GO!!! (especially YEO YEE YEAN!!!) and those who haven't accepted the invitation being part of SF group member please accept it!

That's all for now... hope I could find someone online later to talk with...

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