Thursday, November 19, 2009

A joke for all of us :D~J.P.C., Poetic Justice (1947), p.37

I know a man who got a first,
But he developed quite a thirst,
And found his practice simply shrank,
In ratio to what he drank.
I know a man who got a second,
Brilliant - so his tutors reckoned;
Alas, he gambled, and he sank
Lower than the one who drank.
I know a man who got a third,
Which seems in retrospect absurd;
He's in the surtax region -
soHe must be turning in the dough.
The man who got a fourth in schools,
Has, contrary to all the rules,
Consistently pursued his star
And made a fortune at the Bar.
But the best of all the lot is he
Who only got a pass degree;
He wisely wed a wealthy wench,
And ended up upon the Bench.

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