Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hey people,
I just realised that i wrote those 10 wishes during the sincier friends gathering somewhere and when i read it i was like ... OMG.. Why? coz im putting all my wishes at stake, They're in great great great serious trouble n if i didnt do something quickly hmmm~~~ I wonder

For those who's on track its a good news to hear, while those who arent on track or are progressing slightly different from what u wished~ do take this as a motivation :D Since we are to reveal it 5 years to come :D


  1. hahaha lai ah lai.
    I already forgot what i write down at the paper. LOL. shame on me. hehe


  2. Hi 5 JAS!!! I also can't remember mine! I just rmb that I listed one "Will not look at leng zai" but you know lar.. that one is a very hard task for me. hahaa...

    By the way, u can use the Nama/URL =)