Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Waterfall @ Raun

11th of July 2009, another trip organize by Chuan.

Meet up point at Desa Park city between 6.30am to 7.00am
Depart between half past 8.

The driver meeting before the departure

Group picture before departure (in the middle of the road)

Weng Seng

Jeep to the waterfall

The journey started...

The excitement begins!

The arrival

Getting ready for the preperation
Setting up the BBQ fire

The joke of the big and small drumstick =.="

Waterfall at Raun

The couple 1

The couple 2

The couple 3

The couple 4

Days with happiness and enjoyment are like the water flows from the top of the mountain…

No matter how fast the water flows there is always an end for it to be calm.

No matter how happy we had been together for the day, there is always a good bye time.

It is time to say good bye everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed the trip!

PS: The story of the bee...
Pictures are uploaded in facebook

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