Tuesday, June 16, 2009

memorizes among us..~~

well... i'm kinda bored here...

so planned 2 write an entry... here the entry is..... (mainly is just some photos...)

these r the photos i had for all these years...



-kar's house-

-jas's house-

-class photos-

-sport day-

-Bukit tinggi-





-xmas:jas's house-

-xmas:kar's house-

-poh's house-

-new year:1u-


-Korean BBQ:jia's birthday-


-kar's dad's birthday-

-Mooncake Festival:Kar's house-

-chuan's house:his birthday-

-sincere's friends party-

-fei yong's n jin's birthday-


-Chinese New Year:Tenji-


  1. haha we changed so much!
    Thanks fun for sharing these. really bring back the good memories XD

    Jasmine :D

  2. waa... so happy tat jas was the first 2 leave comment... hahaha... :p

  3. Really nice and memories pictures !!! Some pic that i never see be4, got one pic look like wai chong look at me !! haha =p I waiting to go waterfall have fun with u guy 1!! 11/7 !!! wowowowow ~~~!!!!