Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Holiday Trips Proposal !!!

Holiday Trips Proposal !!!! ( New Updated by 27/05/2009 )

We are planning few trips for Sincere friends in this coming JUN till DECEMBER 2009.

Please tell us more about your schedule, but the first problem, have to co-operate with you all. So please drop down a comment and let me know when are you free during holiday and/or every weekend.

1)WaterFall 1 day Picnic trip

During this picnic trip, everyone will have to prepare some foods and drinks bring to waterfall. And we will also bring our BBQ set or Sizzling set .... for the venue further you can access this website http://www.waterfallsofmalaysia.com/state.php?state_id=6

Date : 8.00am 11 th July 2009, Saturday


About the Budget rough estimation will be come out from our QS See Chong Chuan(haha) around RM 30 - 40

Name List (new updated on 04/05/2009 )

  1. Yap Kar Yee (Sincere Blog Leader)

  2. See Chong Chuan (Activities Organizer)

  3. Ng Poh Yee ( Assistant Activities Organizer)

  4. Tham Wai Choong ( Chinese Medicine Consultant)

  5. Yee Thai Lin ( Car Specialist Consultant)

  6. Yap Fei Yong ( Idealist)

  7. Wong Kar Yee ( Beuaty Consultant)

  8. Wei Jeat ( W.Kar Yee BOY BOY)

  9. Wong Kar Wei ( YOGA Instructor )

  10. William ( Kar Wei Boy Boy)

  11. Yeo Yee Yean ( Land Surveyor <- so lansi, ba pai )

  12. Wong Mei Yee ( Musician)

  13. Victor ( Pall Mall Dicrector )

  14. Lan Weng Seng ( Plant Beuaty Consultant )

  15. Mabel Loo SIEW WEI (malboro Shareholder 10%)

  16. Eng Soon ( Travel Consultant)

  17. Lee Boon Khim ( Singer - Fei Yu Qing)

  18. Chee Lai Yi

  19. Jun Hao (Bruce Lee <- the KungFU Master ever)
  20. Lau Ming Teck

2)Genting Highland 2 day 1 night trip



Yoh... SteamBOat mailto:%21%21@##$! Alright!! The Steamboat will become our dinner at the genting trip. Tomyam or Ma La might be the one favor of soup and Chicken soup too.... You guys better come to dinner with empty stomach, somemore no one can allow to keep fit at the moment...

Date Time : 20th June on Saturday to Sunday. (NewUpdated on 10/05/2009)


Tower Suite rate RM 780 (confirmed price)

Room features

- TV- In-house movie channels

- IDD telephone- Air conditioning

- Mini fridge

- Mini bar

- Tea & coffee making facilities

- Hair dryer

- Two levels with three rooms and one living hall

- Each room has a bathroom

- Common bathroom at the living hall- Sofa set

So about the budget estimation, our QS See Chong Chuan say TAK Tau !!! because amount of the person would be vary.... Erm... i think RM200 still have balance if the trip involved 12 pax members.

Name List ( New Updated by 27/05/2009 )

  1. See Chong Chuan

  2. Ng Poh Yee

  3. Yee Thai Lin

  4. Yap Fei Yong

  5. Tham Wai Choong
  6. Lan Weng Seng

  7. Mabel Loo Siew Wei

  8. Eng Soon

  9. Lau Kim Siang
  10. Pek Foong
  11. Renee Wong Kar Yee
  12. Wei Jeat
  13. Wong Wei Keong
  14. Lau Ming Teck
  15. Gan Guat Fun
  16. Cherlene Wong Kar Wei
  17. William
  18. Lai Fong

3)Island trip 4 day 3 night (Trips Postpone)

ideration. But has been come out a draft of venue.

First, Indonesia - Bali island http://wikitravel.org/en/Bali

2nd, Thailand - Krabi http://www.krabitown.com/krabitown.htm

3rd, Thailand - Phukit

4)U.K Free & Easy trip (In Pending)

This might be the last trip in 2009.

Flight ticket rate is RM 3612 included Departing and Returning For Emirates Flight. if booking early. Everything Not sure yet, have to go through deep discussion with who are interested.

Date: December


  1. I will be back to KL on the 4th of July and leaving around 18/19th.

    As usual, I won't be free if you plan something out last minute so let me know before head so I could talk to my mum ^^

    Personally prefer waterfall trip and island trip (thailand sounds good so does bali =P)but since I am back for a short holiday, I don't think I have enough time to go island trip with u guys so just go ahead without me =(

    As for genting, hmmm... wont really mind if you guys wanted to go since steamboat is my favourite...

    UK trip at the end of the year? Not sure yet...

    Hope this info is enough ^^

  2. Wah Wah Wah !! The trip even have draft/proporsal and everything. So professional O.O" Im totally SHOCK!! Hahaha. very nice though. Aiyer Kar u so bad la. I say going to Melb on 4th U GO BACK MSIA ON 4th!! HOW COULD YOU !! im going to cry already.. Hehe. i guess i wont be joining to trips huh. I wont go back for winter break =) weee ~~

    Jasmine :D

  3. Ishhhhh'ssss I hope those dates are more specific :D Quite tough to plan actually ^^~ I juz hope i could join as much as possibleeee :) Even holidays are hard to predict these days and doesnt really mean FREE or nothing to do :( The waterfall and genting trip sounds very possible :D It's been LONG since i meet u guys :(

  4. hey...
    i'm intrested for the genting trip and the waterfall trip... but i want to ask ar... how do i insert my name in the blog... i mean the trip i intrsted... but here i can comfirm the genting trip and waterfall will go...

  5. Hey Weng Seng, you can't edit your name on the entry as the entry is posted under chuan's account. All you could do is comfrim here then he will edit in by himself (hopefully he had the time to do it)


  6. Hmm, the first 1 i think i can make it. but other still dont noe yet, cause going to start new sam. The time table hvnt out yet. ^^


  7. William and Jack also going to waterfall. Chuan, just add in their names, ok? Others trip we still cant confirm with you yet, since the date for trip is not listed. So, i will confirm with you once you have update the date and price, ok?

    -Kar Wei-

  8. seems interesting:)
    since only the waterfall trip is confirmed,
    add me and eng soon in for the trip ya^^


  9. And...
    hopefully the genting trip will be on after 16 June:)
    coz eng soon and i am interested and he will only be back from uk on 16 june:)

  10. ADD me to the list too :D thanks yahhhh

    -Lai Yi-

  11. T.T i guess i better post something before Guat Fun kill me via MSN. I mostly not coming back this year neither winter nor summer breaks. Cos thinks like taking summer course. >.<...... you guys enjoy la >>>>.<<<<
    From JIa JIa @ NEw ZEaland