Thursday, February 19, 2009


Dear Sincere Friend members,

As most of you should know, Sincere Friend (SF) group was created in facebook and it is a closed group which means in order to be a member you had to get approved by one of the admis. I hope that everyone in SF can be admin of the group and if there are any new member you could add them in a condition of getting approval from at least 5 SF members.

I hope that everyone in facebook who are the member of SF can reply the discussion board and let me know what position you wanted to hold so that I could update the admin asap. For those who does not have facebook, SIGN UP NOW!!!! It's A MUST!

I also hope that everyone will spent at least 1-2 hour a week to leave a msg or updates on that page. Random stuff such as yam cha, gossip, hi/bye, chat etc can be noted down.

I really appreciate for your enthusiasm for SF group.

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